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Why workout with HVT?

The new Bowflex® HVT™ is the ultimate 2-in-1 machine, combining cardio and strength into every workout. It's unique sequence of moves can ignite your metabolism, going beyond the workout and burning calories long after you’ve finished.

"I lost 22 pounds in 10 weeks! The HVT is speed and power. It’s like a rowing machine for your entire body. Strength and cardio in [about] 18 minutes? Definitely on board!"

Camden, HVT Success Story

Two Workouts in the Space of One

Activate up to 5X more muscles than traditional strength training and burn as many calories as running 1.5 miles!

A Total Body Workout In Just 18 Minutes!

Up to 5X More Muscle Activation

HVT combines short bursts of cardio with dynamic, full-body movements. Get a high intensity workout in about 18 minutes!

The HVT™ combines an entire set of cardio and strength workouts into one compact, space saving, design.

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Why choose the Xtreme SE Home Gym?

Increase your metabolism 

Reduce back and joint pain 

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Increase HDL (the "good" cholesterol)

Reduce your body fat and blood pressure

Increase your bone density 

"I bought the Extreme SE this summer, and must say it exceeds my expectations! Great workouts every time, the power rods and their progressive resistance create a deep pump."

Flaman Fitness, Customer Review

Combined with the adjustable pulleys, the Power Rods® enable unlimited exercise variation and customization

Power Rod® Technology

Enjoy all the benefits of a home gym in a compact size. Takes up very little space compared to most other home gyms.

Power Rod® resistance is progressive, meaning that the more you flex the rods, the more weight you are displacing. It also reduces strain on the joints and tendons.

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Lady using Bowflex Xtreme SE

Space Saving Design

65+ Exercises

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